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Elias Ladas, dance master - Los Angeles, USA

As you know, my job as a dancer is very demanding and I often have injuries and exhaustion. With homeopathy I have found the solution, every time I’m in pain or I have any problems, I call my doctor, Konstantinos Pisios, and he tells me what homeopathic remedy I need and quickly and easily my discomfort passes. The action of the homeopathic remedy is so fast that it surprises me every time I take it.

The problem I had with my Achilles tendon during the “Dancing with the Stars” was easily treated with a homeopathic pill, without side effects, and I continued dance training and also worked the other businesses I had (photography, interviews, and teaching dance) forgetting that I had any physical problem. I believe Dr. Pisios saved me from some serious stomach problems I had experienced in the past. I am no longer experiencing any physical problems. I always have high energy and if I experience it dropping I take just a single homeopathic pill and I recover quickly. I feel strong enough to fight to be first.

I recommend Dr. Pisios to everyone! Apart from being an excellent Homeopathic Practitioner, with his advanced training in the United States and the United Kingdom, he is also an Internal Medicine Specialist. He knows both sides of medicine (allopathic, homeopathic) to recommend what is best for his patients every time.

Marily K., medical doctor - London, UK

I feel embarrassed to say that for so many years my family and I have benefited from HOMEOPATHY and I have not submitted my testimony yet!

I have discovered that treatment is psychosomatic and that with the choice of using a homeopathic drug, it will play a role with the disease combined with the individuality of the patient.

Homeopathic drugs are not derived from chemicals; therefore, they have no side effects.

I had chronic cervical syndrome and suffered from pain which made me stay in bed. At that time I was taking lots of drugs, (anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants), all leading to side effects of my stomach and liver. I also continued to have severe pain. After some research, I decided to investigate homeopathy.

I went to see Dr Pisios, who had just come from the United Kingdom. We talked for over one hour and he obtained my history by asking many questions. Respectfully, he unraveled the tangle of my soul and my body…and a relationship of trust was built with him. After the first month, I felt much better and I no longer had to take any anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxant type drugs.

When my nephews had a fever, Dr Pisios recommended that every hour they drink a homeopathic remedy dissolved in water and to our amazement their fever dropped within the first 24 hours. My nephews have grown up with the help of homeopathy, and I have found that this remedy has spectacular results with children. My family and I have benefited from Homeopathic Medicine and it has really changed our lives.

D.A. , flight attendant - Los Angeles, USA

My son was displaying hyper activity and Dr. Pisios treated him with excellent results. He has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a mild form of Autism. After his treatment, he calmed down and could concentrate more easily. I am grateful to him for helping us. I also have found relief in his treatment as well. I recommend him as he is a very compassionate, caring and competent doctor.

Vassilios N. Gargalas, Ph.D. College Professor in Economics and Finance at City University - NYC, USA

On or about May 15th, I went to the gym for my usual work out. Since I love bike riding, I have been emphasizing my workouts to strengthen my legs. That day, I actually loaded the weight machine with 800 pounds and gradually increased the number of repetitions, which is pretty impressive for my capability! Two guys stood behind me at the gym that day and started counting my repetitions and that gave me a “good reason” to surpass my usual performance, and I did, eliciting congratulatory comments from them. How can one as smart as me be such an idiot? Well, everything is possible “La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida,” says Pedro Navaja, and he is right! Expect the unexpected or it will never happen!!! The following day a small pain started developing in my right hip getting more acute by the end of the day. By the third day, even though I refused to believe it, I knew I had blown the biking trip. By the time I flew to Greece on May 28th, I was unable to walk without dragging my right leg and from past experience I know that injuries like that take a minimum of six months to heal.

I arrived home in Greece by train and cab on Saturday. I called my good friend, Dr. Konstantinos Pisios, who happens to be both doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and a specialist in Internal Medicine. Konstantinos came over, and we drove to a nice place near the south shore of Athens. All I could talk about was my disappointed biking trip in the car. While walking on the boardwalk my leg pain was obvious, Konstantinos was asking me lots of questions, along with the implied one “How the hell do you expect to bike with your hip in such poor condition?” In my heart, I knew that I would bike ride even if I had no legs, although hardly a convincing argument. The last comment I remember from Konstantinos was, “I think I can help you.”

We drove to his house where he asked me a thousand questions, and frankly, some of the questions appeared to be completely irrelevant to my leg injury, although I answered them anyway. After Konstantinos reviewed his notes and entered my data into his computer, he said “I got it!” He left the room and returned a couple of minutes later holding a glass of water with a homeopathic drug he had mixed in, or so he said. Following his instructions, I took a number of small sips and lay back in my chair. Being jet lagged and sleep deprived, I soon fell asleep…pretty rude of me, but that’s how it happened. I must have slept for about 45 minutes and when I awoke I got up to go find my friend, Konstantinos. After I walked a couple of steps I remembered that I should be in a tremendous amount of pain, but all I felt was a small annoying pain. This was unimaginable unless I had been asleep for six months rather than 45 minutes, and yet surprisingly it was true! My friend, Dr. Pisios, told me that for the remaining pain to go away I would have to rest my leg for a few days. He also prescribed another homeopathic drug, which I purchased and took the following day. Since then the pain in my leg has improved to near perfection.

Since I was feeling so much better, I decided to test the waters by taking a short biking trip. The first short bike ride I attempted involved riding up the nearby mountain of Penteli. My right hip was actually pain free and I did not experience any problems during my ride. I was successful with the bike trip!

PS: Approximately twenty five days after taking the homeopathic drug, I left for the aforementioned planned biking trip. I biked along the north coast of Peloponnese, then crossed into West Greece, and rode to Albania, I biked Albania from one end to the other into Monte Negro, I continued into Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia again, Slovenia, into Trieste Italy. From Trieste I rode down the entire East coast of Italy to Brindizi where I caught the boat to Patras, Greece. From Patras I rode to a friend’s hometown in the mountains of Aetolia (1100 meters of altitude,) then back to Patras, and from there to back to Athens. The total distance traveled was 3,500 kms (2,100 miles). The trip lasted 35 days, and to my surprise I did not experience any difficulty with my hip.

J.M. , statistical analyst - Miami, USA

I knew nothing about homeopathy, but the problems I had could not be treated by conventional medicine. So I tried homeopathy after a friend's urging to contact Dr. Pisios with his vast experience in homeopathic medicine. My friend had seen a significant change in his life as well as the disappearance of his health problems.

So now, after several months of treatment I can verify the same, and encourage everyone to seek help from Dr. Pisios.

STACIE M, manager – Laguna Niguel,California –Η.Π.Α.

ΕI was having symptoms of menopause and was exhausting all natural remedies, such as vitamins and creams, but the ‘Hot Flashes’ just kept getting worse. I contacted Dr. Pisios via email, who I had met when he was doing his residency at UCI, Irvine, California USA, several years ago hoping to find a solution to menopausal discomfort. We scheduled an appointment on Skype to discuss my medical history. I had never used this form of communication before and found it to be very easy and a comfortable way to express myself and discuss my medical history and current events of my health. Dr. Pisios told me to buy a homeopathic medicine, which was easy to find at my local health food store, and take it as soon as possible. After just a 24 hours the ‘Hot Flashes’ started to subside! I was so pleased!!! Not only did the homeopathic medicine balance out my hormones, but I also noticed that the chronic neck, back and shoulder pain I had been experiencing, which was caused by an accident six years ago, was also dissipating. I was so surprised! I have now been able to reduce the pain medication I have been on for so long with Dr. Pisios’ knowledge of Homeopathic and Internal Medicine, and also with the guidance of my Pain Management Doctor. I have been very pleased with the results I have received from working with Dr. Pisios and his knowledge of homeopathic medicine and allopathic medicine. I feel so much better in so many ways! Thank you Dr. Pisios!!!

Maria T., Ophthalmologist - Athens, Greece

I started to have panic attacks that have caused me great uncertainty in my life. I went for a checkup at my cardiologist, and after he reviewed my test results, he recommended that I look into homeopathy since there was no medical cure for the symptoms I had been experiencing.

I met with Dr. Konstantinos Pisios, who is an excellent doctor and homeopathic practitioner. After my interview with him, he gave me the precise homeopathic medicine for my situation. I felt much better after a few days and now after a few months, I don’t have any problems. Many thanks to Dr. Pisios for his help!

Olga A., private employee, 29yo - Athens, Greece

After experiencing some serious medical and emotional problems, I decided to try homeopathy, although I didn’t have much confidence in this method of treatment. I experienced severe panic attacks that made me stay inside the house and basically destroyed my life. I now know that homeopathy was the best choice for me because

I can now cope with my daily life, and I feel very accomplished in everything I do!

I think that the Homeopathic doctor you choose plays a big role in the success of your treatment. I am very pleased with the results of my healing and I owe that to my physician, Dr. Konstantinos Pisios. Please don’t be afraid of homeopathy, I recommend it to everyone and I especially recommend my doctor!

Giota Palaiologou , civil servant - Chalkida, Greece

I read an article in a magazine about tackling serious health problems with the help of homeopathy. I wondered if I could overcome my own problems in this way. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Pisios, and he explained homeopathy in great detail with me. He discussed and analyzed several incidents in my life with me and he also explained that homeopathy has changed and evolved through the years. Now there are results of homeopathy in both physical and emotional health. I now feel safe and I thank Dr. Pisios for giving my health and life back to me!!!!!!!

Theoni Plassara , private employee - Korinthos , Greece

Έ100% homeopathy helped me feel better. I have known Dr. Konstantinos Pisios for many years. One day we met and I told him that I was feeling emotionally distraught. He suggested that I make an appointment to meet with him and discuss my medical history and life experiences. He helped me a lot. I now have more energy and I feel so much better emotionally.

Loukas, aerobic trainer, sports teacher - Athens, Greece

For three weeks I experienced severe knee pain. My knee was diagnosed as a possible partial rupture of the tendon. I was in pain and limping all the time. I was taking anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers everyday without much relief. I was really giving up hope! I took the homeopathic remedy Dr. Pisios gave me and after 30 minutes the swelling and pain disappeared completely and I could run, dance, and do everything normally. I couldn’t believe it!

I think Dr. Pisios is a highly skilled medical doctor and homeopath, and we are lucky to have him in Greece to offer his expertise.

Melina K., hair salon owner - Athens, Greece

I would like to tell to you of my personal knowledge of homeopathic medicine. After experiencing intense stress, many hours of work, situations of the past and anything else that may affect my emotional health, homeopathy helped me!

I met Dr. Konstantinos Pisios by chance. He suggested that I start homeopathy to regain “my buried self."

Dr.Pisios met with me and during the interview process of reviewing my past, he recommended that I start homeopathy immediately. I found out more about myself talking with Dr. Pisios than I would have ever done on my own. I was depending on muscle relaxant pills to help me with chronic orthopedic problems. The homeopathic remedy gave me an emotional calm, built my confidence, my self-esteem and I now feel much more capable to face any challenge in my life.

Maria Papanikolaou, singer - Athens, Greece

I was hit by depression when I was 17 years old. At the age of 20, I started having panic attacks, not knowing what I was experiencing. I fought these panic attacks for 10 years and one day I went to the hospital with palpitations, a sensation of death and suffocation. Konstantinos Pisios was the doctor at the emergency room I went to and he explained to me what I was experiencing and how it can be helped with homeopathy. I am now 43 years old, and after 4 years of psychotherapy and homeopathy, the black hole is in the past. I have also overcome insomnia, depression and low self esteem. In their place, I now have good thoughts, a pure mind, and a stable character. I recognize now what happened to me, accept what I did not achieved, and am optimistic of life! Even on unpleasant days (my father's death, financial problems, etc.) I have an appetite for creation, love and life!

Thank you Konstantinos for opening my eyes!!! Because of my lack of knowledge, I feel I lost so much of my life until I decided to investigate homeopathy. Dr. Pisios, please continue to help everyone.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, if you have the same problems I had. In LIFE everything passes, if you have the KNOWLEDGE!

Daniela T., hairstylist - Athens, Greece

There is nothing better than feeling reborn, stronger and more optimistic. Homeopathy for me is….”Rebirth”. My homeopath, Dr. Pisios, is my Guardian Angel, I trust him and I feel comfortable enough to tell him anything. In short, I help him to help me…even if at times I am embarrassed of the thoughts that I have, I tell him. I believe one of the most important things in life is for one’s mind to be free, and to love oneself, because “A healthy mind is a healthy body”. The show must go on! We are players that fall, and we want a tiny web to help us rise…that is what Homeopathy does. Suddenly you take this little pill with the strange name, and your life is changing for the better!!!

Thank you very much Dr.Pisios!





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