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As an Internal Medicine Specialist, I have been trained to manage the vast majority of chronic diseases that don’t require surgery at my medical practice.

Acute conditions may also be addressed during a consultation, without need for a hospital visit (i.e.: infections, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, etc.)

As a M.D., I have been trained to identify all the interactions that occur between all the systems of the body.

With this broad clinical knowledge, I try to encourage my patients to participate and take personal responsibility for their health and guide them for the best possible results.

The important part of the work of a M.D. is to help patients understand the concept of “Wellness”, which includes disease prevention and better health! My approach as a doctor is to treat every patient as a unique individual.

My approach as a doctor is that every patient is unique and should be treated as such.

Respect for the time of the patient is of utmost priority and I will make every effort to comply with the hours of scheduled appointment. Except that the patient will have plenty of time to tell me about all his complains with no rush.

At the end, I will discuss with the patient, to make together a comprehensive treatment plan and any changes in lifestyle that can contribute to a longer and healthier life.

I would like to invite you to a new medical experience in order to help you improve the most important thing in life : YOUR HEALTH.

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