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The history of homeopathy is lost in the depths of time. The earliest reference to homeopathic therapy was made in Ancient Greece and Melambus was the first homeopathic healer mentioned by historical sources, circa 1400 B.C.

Fylakos, king of Fylaki, asked Melambus to cure the sterility of his son Ifikles. Melambus diagnosed that Ifikles’ sterility was due a damage sustained to Ifikles genitalia, which in turn was caused by his father’s knife during a sacrifice. Melabus recovered the knife and using its rust prepared a medicine that cured Ifikles.

During the Trojan War, Telephos, son of Hercules and King of Mysia, was wounded fighting against Achilles. The wound from the sword of Achilles was contaminated and the situation was critical. In his desperation Telephos fled to Delphi where he received the oracle, "He that wounded shall also heal." And so it happened. Achilles healed Telephos’ wound with an ointment that he prepared from the rust of his lance with which he had wounded him.

Finally, the first official declaration of the “Law of Similars” was made by the "Father of Medicine," Hippocrates who clearly stated the following, "Like cure Like.” In addition, many plants and herbs used by early Greek physicians are still in use with the same indications, in the form of homeopathic medicines (e.g., helleborus)

The founder of Homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann. In 1790, he was translating Cüllen’s Pharmacology, who attributed the success of cinchona treatment on intermittent fever to its bitter taste. Hahnemann was not satisfied with this explanation and began experimenting by administering the drug to himself, every day. To his surprise, he began to show symptoms similar to the symptoms of malaria.

Inspired by this observation he began experimenting with other substances and he concluded that the drugs cure diseases because they can cause similar diseases in healthy people. This was the discovery of the basic law of homeopathy.

Hahneman named this new approach Homeopathy from the Greek words Homeo, same, and Pathos, disease.

Since the time of Hahnemann we have discovered many substances to treat various diseases and homeopathy has spread worldwide.





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