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There are no major differences between the traditional examination and that of homeopathy. Simply, the homeopathic doctor needs to collect more information to assess the general condition of the patient’s health (such as sleep, nutrition, behavior, character, sexual function, what improves and what aggravates symptoms, etc).

When asking about the patient’s relationship with other people and with his family, his behavior at work, his childhood, etc., in essence, the homeopathic practitioner tries to understand his character and temperament, which is important to determine the homeopathic prescription.

In my practice, being a specialist in internal medicine, as well as a homeopath, I will review all the laboratory tests (e.g., microbiological, biochemical, radiological) and, if necessary, recommend further tests in order to obtain full and comprehensive patient health status.

The duration of a visit can range from one to two hours, depending on the patient’s condition.





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